Need help post-COVID-19? Turn to an experienced business team in Austin, Texas.

Preparing to reopen your business during COVID-19? Confused about what to do and how? We can help! Employers have a legal duty to furnish employees with a workplace free from hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Sounds reasonable enough, but doing so while in the middle of a global pandemic? Not so simple.

So, what will it take? Well, you need a plan. Business leaders must start planning now for reentry. You had extraordinarily little time to prepare for work disruptions caused by stay-at-home orders. Now it seems you may have only a short time to prepare for reopening. One miscalculation can set your business back even further, endanger employee and customer health, and perhaps close your doors for good. Any planned events, and even the company Holiday Party, will have to look different. Both customer and internal facing image of your organization will shift and we can help with that massive readjustment.

On the flip side, a well-prepared Reentry Plan can make reopening much less scary. Experienced, local business attorney Natalie Lynch and her team of skilled professionals will work closely with you to develop a Reentry Plan appropriate for your business. The Lynch Law Firm has business psychologists, highly credentialed HR staff, nonprofit management professionals, and employment attorneys so that you get top return on your investment.

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Natalie Lynch has worked with business owners, employers, nonprofit organizations, and employees in the greater Austin area for over a decade. Throughout her career, she helped hundreds of organizations in both problem-solving and preventing workplace concerns. Susan Word is a senior HR professional with decades of experience assisting companies to unravel complicated issues. And, let’s face it, not much is more complicated than reopening for business during a pandemic!

Natalie, Susan, and the team are intimately familiar with the inner workings of Texas organizations. When working with companies to reopen for business, the firm focuses on best practices and legal requirements so that you don't have to become the “Reentry” expert. If that’s the kind of personalized approach you can afford and want from legal counsel, Natalie is the attorney to see.

Natalie Lynch

The Lynch Law Firm, PLLC Mission

“Everything we do for our clients is guided by industry best practices.” —Natalie Lynch

Engaging your people early in reentry planning, and troubleshooting once reentry begins, will make them a part of the solution. Our team can help your team plan for and execute reopening for business as smoothly as possible.

How Natalie Works With You

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    Guide You on Ways to Reopen Safely for Business

    There are enumerable things to consider well before you can begin bringing staff back to the workplace. That’s what Natalie and her team are here for. Get the answers you need directly from the people who can guide you successfully.

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    Develop and Implement an Effective Reentry Plan

    Once they are familiar with your organization’s needs, Natalie and her team will help you craft a Reentry Plan that includes such critical elements as workspace cleaning and positioning, employee health screening, reopening procedures, training, event evolution, adjusted policies, preservation of culture, and more.

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    Ongoing Legal and HR Resources

    Reentry requires thoughtful consideration, and there will be hiccups. Workforce anxieties and challenges are likely to persist, even after health experts and government officials determine the level of risk has diminished enough to allow reopening. Company leaders must be prepared to respond respectfully and compassionately. Our clients know they can rely on us for support throughout the reentry process and beyond.

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    Your Legal and HR Resource for Reopening for Business in Austin, Texas

    If your business is planning to reopen for business, the time to prepare is now, and the Lynch Law Firm is here to help. Based in Austin, Texas, Natalie Lynch, Susan Word, and the entire team at LLF are reliable sources of legal counsel and HR advice for business owners and employers throughout Travis County, Texas, and Colorado. To get started, call or send us a message today!

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