Natalie Lynch

Attorney at Law

Natalie Lynch has worked with business owners, employers, nonprofit organizations and employees in the greater Austin area for over a decade. Throughout the course of her career, she has assisted hundreds of organizations in both problem-solving and prevention capacity. Helen Petty has worked in nonprofit organization management for 20 years and excels when it comes to delivering quality for her clients.  

As a result of this experience, Natalie, Helen, and the team are intimately familiar with the inner workings of Texas organizations. When working with organizations to manage a crisis, the firm focuses on best practices and legal requirements so that you don't have to become an expert in crisis management. If that’s the kind of semi-customized approach you can afford and want from your legal and crisis management counsel, Natalie is the attorney to see.

The Lynch Law Firm, PLLC Mission

“Everything we do for our clients is guided by industry best practices.” —Natalie Lynch

The most common mistakes organizations make when facing a crisis:

:: Pretending it doesn’t exist or delaying admitting it. ::

:: Only working on crisis management when in the middle of one. ::

:: Treating media (especially social) as if it were the enemy. ::

:: Avoiding the issue with employees, volunteers, and donors. ::

:: Talking down to stakeholders or using jargon they don’t understand. ::

:: Not documenting the crisis and the response from the beginning. ::

:: Lacking transparency or, worse, being dishonest. ::

The consequences for organizations can be steep when stakeholders become disenfranchised. Our crisis management solutions have all the tools you need to manage a crisis effectively.

How Natalie Works With You

Educate You on Ways to Create and Implement Effective Crisis Management

The name of the game is survival and surviving with your reputation intact. That’s what Natalie and her team are here for. Get the answers you need directly from an attorney who can guide you through a crisis successfully.

Draft & Revise Effective Crisis Management Plans

Once she has familiarized herself with your organization’s needs and potential threats, Natalie will help you put together a crisis management plan that includes such critical elements as activation guidelines, detailed action plans, pre-approved communications strategies, and more.

Act as an Ongoing Legal Resource

While working with employees is a big part of the Lynch Law Firm, PLLC mission, the team’s legal knowledge extends much further. As your legal counsel, Natalie can offer words of wisdom on matters of crisis prevention, best practices, and related concerns. After working with Natalie once, clients know they can count on her as an ongoing legal resource.

Semi-Customized Crisis Management Plan

Your Legal Resource for Crisis Management in Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for a new crisis management plan or to update an existing one for your business, the Lynch Law Firm, PLLC is here to help. Based in Austin, Texas, Natalie Lynch is a reliable source of legal counsel for business owners and employers throughout Travis County, central Texas, Texas and Colorado. To get started, call, send us a message to dive right in.