Need to update or draft an employee handbook? Turn to an experienced business attorney in Austin, Texas.

Good employee handbooks act as a vital tool for establishing clear expectations between employers and their employees. Unprofessional handbooks leave businesses vulnerable to employment disputes and related issues. So why take any chances? Contact experienced, local business attorney Natalie Lynch. As your attorney, Natalie will work closely with you in order to draft an intuitive employee handbook, tailor-made for your business and its people. The Lynch Law Firm has business psychologists, highly credentialed HR staff, and attorneys so that you get what you need at the most appropriate price.

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Natalie Lynch has worked with business owners, employers, and employees in the greater Austin area for over a decade. Throughout the course of her career, she has conducted hundreds of workplace investigations in both a problem-solving and conflict-prevention capacity. Suson Word has worked in HR for over 30 years and cuts to the chase when it comes to providing for her clients.  

As a result of this experience, Natalie nd her team are intimately familiar with the inner workings of Texas businesses. When drafting employee handbooks, she looks closely at each company’s unique goals, concerns, interpersonal dynamics, culture, and day-to-day operations. If that’s the kind of customized approach you want from your legal counsel, Natalie is the attorney to see.

Natalie Lynch

The Lynch Law Firm, PLLC Mission

“Everything we do for our clients is guided by industry best practices.” —Natalie Lynch

One of the most common mistakes made by Austin business owners is trying to draft or borrow employee handbooks without guidance from legal and HR professionals. This frequently leads to future conflicts between employers and employees. When you work with the Lynch Law Firm, PLLC, you are putting a team of exceptionally trained professionals on your side whose entire mission centers on forging a clear line of communication between employers and employees. This, in turn, helps all parties understand their rights, legal obligations, expectations, and professional opportunities.

How Natalie Works with You

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    Educate You on Your Obligations as a Texas Employer

    Not 100% clear on Texas wage and hour laws, employee benefits, vacation days, paid time off, special medical considerations, or other concerns that might impact your company and its employees? That’s what Natalie and her team are here for. Get the answers you need directly from an attorney who stays up-to-date with Texas’s latest rules and regulations.

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    Draft & Revise Intelligent
    Employee Handbooks

    Once she has familiarized herself with your business needs and goals, Natalie will help you put together an employee handbook that is both intelligent and intuitive. Her work seeks to set clear guidelines on matters such as employee benefits, anti-harassment, and anti-discrimination while also encouraging healthy communications between employers and employees.

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    Act As an Ongoing Legal Resource

    While drafting employee handbooks is a big part of the Lynch Law Firm, PLLC mission, the team’s legal knowledge extends much further. As your legal counsel, Natalie can offer words of wisdom on matters of conflict prevention, HR best practices, and related concerns. After working with Natalie once, clients know they can count on her as an ongoing legal resource.

Customized Handbooks for Austin Businesses

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Your Legal Resource for Employee Handbooks in Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for a new employee handbook or to update an existing one for your business, the Lynch Law Firm, PLLC is here to help. Based in Austin, Texas, Natalie Lynch is a reliable source of legal counsel for business owners and employers throughout Travis County. To get started, call, send us a message, or dive right in by filling out our Employee Handbook Questionnaire.