Government & Union Investigations

Government Agencies

Workplace investigations in government agencies tend to be different. Public sector employees have different rights and expectations and decision makers are faced with significantly different challenges. Issues of confidentiality and records are also regarded and best handled differently by government agencies. Also, many agencies have access to internal investigators either within their agency or from other related agencies.

Lynch Law Firm, PLLC regularly works with government agencies. While each jurisdiction has unique qualities, rules, and cultures, Lynch Law Firm, PLLC has an understanding of the ways government investigations differ from public sector investigations. For example, attorney Natalie Lynch performs introductory information and admonishments differently and according to the agency’s standards. Additionally, verbal debriefs with government clientele tend to be very different, as stakeholders in agency and department settings are typically very specific.

Agencies with access to internal investigators also regularly use Natalie’s services. In some cases, internal investigators have repeated investigations into the same or similar matters without satisfactory results. In other cases, internal investigators are talked out of investigating a particular matter due to conflict of interest or not properly trained to conduct a particular type of investigation. Lastly, Natalie conducts government investigations when involved human resources and legal counsel believe that a situation is so unique or serious that it is preferable to seek external investigative expertise.

Union Environments

It is hard to make generalizations about working in union environments. Each union has unique rules and aspects, and some workplaces are covered by more than one union. Union environments also are influenced by interpersonal and contract dynamics that can make the circumstances leading up to an investigation contentious. Additionally, investigation reporting formats can vary based on the agreements and relationship between the union and the employer.

Natalie has performed investigations in environments with various educational, automotive, and heavy industrial unions and understands that a workplace investigation at a union facility requires more than an awareness of Weingarten rights. Natalie works with each client representative to ensure that our investigators understand the union agreements, cultural dynamics, interpersonal dynamics, report requirements, and expectations of all stakeholders. We also work with our union employers to build a long-term relationship so that the investment in perfecting the investigative process at your workplace can be quickly implemented for future emergency work.

Austin, Texas Government & Union Investigations

If you need a workplace investigator who has experience working with a government agency or in a union environment such as yours, reach out to attorney Natalie Lynch to get the conversation started. Lynch Law Firm, PLLC is located in Austin, Texas and is proud to serve the entire area. With situations like these, time is of the essence so don't hesitate to reach out today.