Deciding to Investigate

There is a lot that goes into hiring a workplace investigator, starting with seeing the need to. Lynch Law Firm, PLLC has explained to countless “first timers” that a workplace investigation is an investment in determining the likelihood of truth regarding an allegation in a manner that is legally appropriate and provides the information required to prevent future instances.

Legally required investigations, such as investigations into harassment or discrimination, mandate a fair, impartial, and independent investigator. 

It is rare that there is an uninvolved employee of your company who is qualified to conduct such an investigation. Aside from this fact, there can be a substantial benefit to hiring an independent third-party investigator. For example, many employers immediately separate the reporting party and the accused party; however, this can be a huge mistake because it can invite claims of retaliation. A professional expert can help evaluate the wisdom of taking any action before an investigation is complete to ensure that no actions are perceived as retaliation or influencing the investigative outcome. Expert investigators are able to provide an immediate sounding board and the expert qualifications mandated to explore an allegation in a legally appropriate manner without exposing the employer to additional risk.