Religious Discrimination

Companies can find themselves in an awkward position because society seems to be becoming less tolerant of religion at the same time that employers are required to be exceptionally tolerant of religion in the workplace. This incongruous dynamic plays out every day in our offices, shops, and facilities where members of this less-tolerant culture come to work for and represent the companies required to accommodate religion. Additionally, the best practices for employing and accommodating religious differences are not fully developed by the courts, and it can be overwhelming to stay on top of what is regarded as appropriate at all times.

Complaints of religious discrimination in your workplace?

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When employers find themselves the recipient of a concern regarding religious discrimination, they often reach out to Lynch Law Firm, PLLC to help them collect the relevant details in a manner that appropriately responds to the situation. Natalie's approach is legally defensible and enables companies to make appropriate decisions about the situation and those individuals described as having behaved in a discriminatory way. She is able to respond to the reporting party in an intentional and deliberate manner. Natalie makes sure that the reporting party recognizes that the employer is serious about understanding the employee’s concerns and is taking any necessary action to ensure that no employee is treated differently based on his or her religion. In many cases, simply engaging in the investigative process helps all involved parties understand the role they played in the allegation. Further, her process allows employers to make calculated and defensible decisions about those concerns.

Workplace Investigators in Austin, Texas

If any of your employees formally or informally report a belief that they are being treated differently because of their religion, reach out to Lynch Law Firm, PLLC for help determining the most appropriate response to that information. We have experience deciphering the workplace dynamics that set up an employer to receive such a complaint and can expertly assist in responding to the complaint with a legally adequate investigation. Contact Lynch Law Firm, PLLC today.