Racial Discrimination

Race-based discrimination, while no longer the most common workplace allegation, is still often regarded as the most alarming indicator of dysfunctional dynamics in the workplace. Unfortunately, racial discrimination allegations are often considered so improbable that management does not properly attend to the claims. Unless employers properly educate their management, claims of discrimination often go disregarded until well after a claim should have been investigated. Disregarding or delaying investigations into race-based discrimination claims is extremely risky for employers and inflammatory within the workplace. Like other types of discrimination claims, acts, and allegations of racial discrimination are growing more sophisticated and subtle. It takes significant expertise to unravel the elements of a claim of discrimination.

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Lynch Law Firm, PLLC is prepared to immediately respond to fresh concerns of racial discrimination; however, the firm also has the expertise to work within festering allegations that should already have been addressed. Each claim of racial discrimination brings unique circumstances and dynamics, and only very experienced workplace investigators have the qualifications to consider all the masked implications and consequences of racial discrimination in the workplace. The firm is prepared to do the research to determine the indirect consequences of management decisions, workplace policies, or interpersonal dynamics that may have put a person or group of persons at a particular disadvantage. In addition to reviewing the raw data, the firm will collect first-hand employee accounts to make accurate conclusions regarding the likelihood of an allegation of racial discrimination.

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Employers who have concerns about a report of racial discrimination in their workplace should reach out to Lynch Law Firm, PLLC to help to understand the company’s obligations to respond. Only an expert can help you determine if an organization’s response to a particular claim is appropriate and proportionate to the allegation. Contact Natalie today.