Dispute Resolutions & Mediations

You may have heard the claim that business isn’t personal. In many legal cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. What may start as a disagreement between business partners can quickly escalate to an emotionally-driven lawsuit that threatens the success of the business and even the personal finances of the partners involved.

Why It’s Best to Avoid Court

Perhaps due to the cutthroat attitude many people associate with business, it’s astounding how many business partners want to take their case straight to court. In addition to the obvious drawbacks of added time and expenses, some of the reasons to seek mediation rather than take the case to court include:

  • When business owners take their case to court, their fate is often in the hands of the judge, who doesn’t have a close understanding of their business’ unique situation and needs.
  • Business owners typically lose financial control when they take their case to court. Before they can make any decisions that might affect the business, they have to seek the court’s approval.
  • The money spent on lawyers, mediators, accountants, and consultants in the mediation process is considerably less than the time and money spent preparing a case for trial.
  • Mediation allows the business owners to control the pace at which the negotiation moves, rather than forfeiting this control to a court-imposed schedule.
  • When a case goes to court, the details of the business, partners, and the case became public. Mediation, on the other hand, is confidential. The information remains private, which can also help both parties reach an agreement together.

Mediation can save your business time and money

Contact a dispute resolution attorney

Some cases are better suited to be handled in court. Most business disputes do not fit into this category. Many times, one of the parties involved feels as though they were taken advantage of or that they didn’t receive fair compensation when the business turns a profit. While you may think business isn’t personal, it’s often interpersonal misunderstandings that lead to business cases going to trial.

Avoid the time, money, and emotions involved in a court-tried case. If you and your business partners have a dispute, contact a mediation attorney early in the process. You may find that all you need is an unbiased third party to help you through the dispute resolution process. When you choose mediation, you and your business partners can voice your frustrations, maintain confidentiality, save time and money, and maintain control over the future of the business.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation Attorney in Austin, TX

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