Agreements & Contracts

Whether your business is in its beginning phases or is an established organization, contracts and business agreements will play an integral role in its day-to-day operations. Every business aims to avoid lawsuits as much as possible, as they can quickly derail your budget and timeline — and can even threaten your business’ livelihood altogether. Unfortunately, many professionals still make casual or rushed agreements every day, often leading to those expensive lawsuits that can put them out of business.

Beware of Handshake Agreements

Author Mark J. Kohler published an article on titled “How a Handshake Can Destroy Your Business.” He claimed that a business doesn’t need to worry about “if a partner, vendor, or customer is going to drag you into a lawsuit” — but when.

What many professionals don’t consider is that emails hold up in court as binding contracts, and that simply coming to a verbal understanding can bind a business in a contract they never meant to enter. At the same time, some professionals assume that, since emails can be viewed as contracts in court, they don’t need to draft up a contract with a business partner if all the details are covered in an email. Kohler outlines the key elements that must be present in every contract in order to protect your business:

  • Basic terms regarding the delivery of goods or services. These include the time, place, and price of the project and should outline how losses would be handled.
  • Details regarding the attorney fees for the non-breaching party.
  • A clause regarding mediation or arbitration (so that the parties can seek a settlement without necessarily going to court).
  • Details regarding which state’s laws would apply to the contract in the case of a dispute.

Don’t put your business in danger

Work with an attorney

Kohler also brings up a very good point: It doesn’t matter if you’re in business with a friend, family member, or complete stranger, and it isn’t rude to ask for proper documentation for your agreements. It’s not uncommon for lawsuits to take place between close friends or relatives, which can be all the more devastating when you’ve assumed that the other party would look out for your best interest.

Unfortunately, many well-intentioned professionals think that, since they would never attack a loved one’s business or threaten another organization, it will never happen to them. The truth is that it’s often those “safe bet” agreements that can spin into huge lawsuits. Without a professionally-prepared document in place to protect your business, it only takes one sour situation to put the livelihood of your business in danger.

Agreement & Contract Attorney in Austin, TX

Natalie R. Lynch is committed to helping owners of private companies, including startups and small to mid-sized companies, navigate the lifecycle of change. She helps business owners create the right structures, contracts, and employment agreements to minimize business and employment risk factors. Lynch Law Firm, PLLC has conducted and managed hundreds of investigations into claims of discrimination, harassment, fraud, and theft, and Natalie has successfully avoided litigation for clients on all cases to date. Contact Lynch Law Firm, PLLC today.