Past Results & Matters

Entrepreneur Invested Heavily with Unreasonable Partner

Inexperienced entrepreneur found herself heavily invested in a failing business with an unreasonable partner.  Negotiated an agreement backed by titled assets and insurance to recap almost all of her investments and remove her from all future liabilities of the company.

Negotiated Low-Risk Deal That Allows Entrepreneur to Recap Investments

Entrepreneurial Employee Wanted IP Protection from Employer

Industry expert created a platform to integrate rehabilitation of at-risk assets, but the platform had significant overlap with the work he does for his regular employer.  Created safeguards to establish that work is wholly separate, and therefore not owned by, systems used by the employer. Client expert now sells his platform nationwide without threats of IP ownership from current employer.

Employee Set Up to Earn Additional Income from IP with Employer’s Blessing

Mom & Pop Business Wanted Long Income Stream

Tradesmen grew his business, and business risk, to the point where a lawsuit would devastate his family and nest egg.  Assisted with entity formation, contracts, programs for contractors, client agreements, and other liability shields.  Business disputes were essentially eliminated and remaining disputes are readily resolved by shields established.

Entity Professionally Established and Safeguards Put in Place to Protect Business and Family

No Probable Cause determination from Colorado Division of Civil Rights

Large state contractor had difficult claim from pregnant African American employee. Internal records were incomplete, complicated, and not favorable. 

After several interactions with Civil Rights Division, the director found in favor of dismissing employee’s claims against employer.